Origin Story (Not the Wolverine One)

In 2017 I [Ian] walked into a store looking for a really nice tee for a special, yet casual date night rock climbing. I couldn’t find one that night but I didn’t stop looking. I went to dozens of different stores that had nothing close to what I wanted. I went to multiple times as many websites and found many made-to-measure brands.

My main problem was that things still seemed cheaply made, then imported, and had no consciousness for sustainability. Many were still ill fitting even though being made-to-measure. After months finding nothing I decided I could make one. I got a highly reviewed pattern online, picked out some nice fabric, and got sewing. This didn’t fit, so ever the perfectionist I kept going. Next I created my own pattern and made shirts for myself. These fit exceptionally well.

Before long my friends wanted some for themselves. I was proud of all I learned and could not turn them down. Eventually tired of drawing out all these patterns by hand I applied my knowledge of programming to do it for me. This made things go much faster. Next I built a machine to do all the cutting for me as well.Before I knew it I had created algorithms to make customizing patterns for others even easier. Soon enough I stepped back, looked at my creation, and realized I had already created the basis for the technology we currently use.

Once firmly deciding I’d like to offer these tees to others I started searching for the perfect fabric. I went to a few trade shows, searched the internet, and even called around to local manufacturers. I built relationships with these people where I began to trust them and they began to trust me. Before long I had the whole supply chain setup. Since then we’ve made the algorithm even more advanced. We’ve tied our systems together to automate pattern generation, cutting, sorting, and many more things. That initial altruism that started with my friends will always be at Molded Apparel’s core. MA is the perfect intersection of technology, manufacturing, and our passion to help others.

-Ian Landi

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