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2019 Forward Men’s Fashion Trends

As spring approaches and the ice begins to thaw a question tends to set in, “What’s next for menswear?”  After a year of neon, hipster mountain rangers, and tiny men’s fanny packs there are a few trends that I see making a return and evolving come spring.

Cross Body Bags

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I for one love a good cross body bag, having a few myself for work purposes. As the fanny pack had reemerged from the 80’s in the past few years many of our favorite streetwear brands have been reworking the idea; making them more sleek and opting for an over the shoulder model rather than around the waist.

Patterned Shirts

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I’ve been seeing a reclamation in those 90’s style Hawaiian shirts. You know, like the one your dad got from Tommy Bahamas on your family trip to Disneyland. They obviously weren’t a fan favorite back then but with a few design changes they make a really great addition to any wardrobe! You could even give some Leo from Romeo and Juliet vibes if you find the right one.

Bomber Jacket

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A personal favorite of mine for cooler spring nights is the classic bomber. Nothing ups the bomber jacket game more than a stylish embroidery. It doesn’t have to be anything to crazy but it can give your look a nice finishing touch. The minor details are just as important as the major ones!


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Sage and its many tones are definitely the color of the season. So for all the guys who like having a more earthy look this is your year. These tones pair well with most other earth colors; I would suggest sticking to browns, tans, ambers and other more natural colors to when creating looks.

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